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Happy Birthday Sayings: for Friends & Family { 2017 Fresh Collection }

Happy Birthday Sayings: for Dad - Son - Husband - Funny Birthday Sayings

Happy Birthday Sayings: for Friends & Family
Happy Birthday Sayings: for Friends & Family

41. “Happy Birthday to Dad, it’s because of you that I’m a happy lad. Happy Birthday.”

42. “You gave me the best gift of my life by becoming an amazing second father. I will try to return the favor by being a loving stepson to you. Happy birthday dad.”

43. “Today is the right time for me to say, how grateful I am to you for always showing me the way. Happy Birthday Dad.”

44. “My first step will be a sweet hug. My second step will be a cute kiss. My third step will be to give you a lovely birthday gift and my fourth step will be to wish for all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to my dearest stepdad.”

45. “Your loving smiles and your warm hugs are like an addictive drug. Happy Birthday Daddy.”

46. “I wonder what I would do, without a stepfather like you. For you haven’t even once, made me daddy’s absence. Happy Birthday Dad.”

47. “You’ve shown me so much love and support. I can proudly tell the world, “Yeah! I have the best stepdad on the planet!”

48. “Are you sure you are my stepfather? The way you’ve loved me makes me think that there’s some mistake. Happy Birthday Dad.”

49. “You are my best friend, more than just a dad. The fact that every kid does not have a father like you, makes me sad. Happy Birthday.”

50. “I have never looked at you as my stepfather. I have always looked at you as my step to happiness, joy and love. Happy Birthday Dad.”

51. “The best part of calling you dad, is that you will always forgive me even when I have been bad. Happy birthday.”

52. “No matter where my dad is, he’d be very happy to see, what an awesome replacement of him, my life has given me. Happy Birthday Dad.”

53. “No matter how many birthdays go by, I will always be the little boy who you taught to fly. Happy birthday daddy.”

54. “You my Replacement Father – not because you are my second dad but because you’ve replaced the sorrow in my life with happiness. Happy Birthday Dad.”

55. “Even when I didn’t want to admit it. I needed you and I still do. My life is better and happier with your love and support. Happy Birthday Dad!”

56. “A loving father deserves admiration, but a loving stepfather commands respect. Happy Birthday Dad.”

57. “Having you in my life has made a difference. Thanks for being you! Happy Birthday Dad!”

58. “The intricate relationship between a stepdad and a stepchild is understood by very few, because everyone doesn’t have a stepfather as amazing as you. Happy Birthday Dad.”

59. “I don’t tell people you’re my “Step”-dad. I just call you Dad because there are no steps between us! We’re as close as we can be…for that I’m grateful. Happy Birthday Dad!”

60. “Even though I don’t carry your genes, every vein of body carries immense respect and love for you. Happy Birthday Dear Dad.”

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