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Happy Anniversary Poems: for Wife Husband Parents Friends

Happy Anniversary Poems: for Wife Husband Parents Friends
Happy Anniversary Poems: for Wife Husband Parents Friends

Happy Anniversary Poems for Friends & Parents

#21. Happy Anniversary Poems
“Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said "I do."
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.

Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that's best!
Happy Anniversary!”
#22. Anniversary Poems for Parents
“You’ve always made sure
That my priorities come first
You’ve been the one to placate
Every emotional outburst

You’ve always made all my
Dreams and wishes your own
You’ve ensured that I have
Never been sad or forlorn

To you, I owe my life
And much more that that
Without you, I am nothing
And that will always be a fact.
Happy anniversary”
#23. Anniversary Poems for Friends
“Here's a toast to the two of you
As you celebrate together;
You're the poster kids for happiness,
In sunny or stormy weather.

Your love continues, warm and bright;
May it shine throughout the years;
You're an example for the rest of us,
So here's to you: Three cheers!”

#24. Wedding Anniversary Poems
“A reprieve from the petty tiffs
A respite from nagging
A relief from cleaning duties
A break from all the fighting

All this and a lot more
Is the freedom you get for one day
But only because it’s our anniversary
So don’t get carried away.
Happy Anniversary!”

#25. Marriage Anniversary Poems
“Time moves on. Seasons change.
Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's not;
The wind blows hard and then there's calm.
All around us is instability, chaos.
Yet, always, I have a feeling in my heart
That only gets stronger through the years.
You are my love.
It's great sharing life with you.
Happy Anniversary!”

Marriage Anniversary Poems for Parents

#26. Happy Anniversary Poems for Couples
“You have always been the star of my dreams
Day by day, you’ve become hotter it seems
A magnet that pulls me closer, is you
Not just attraction, it is love so true

Here’s a toast to our beautiful bond
Let’s be immersed in its blissful pond
Like old times, let’s just cuddle
Let’s get lost, in love’s dreamy bubble
Happy Anniversary!”
#27. Anniversary Love Poems
“After many years of trying
To be the perfect mate,
You've still keep up the effort,
And that's why you're so great.

My love for you keeps growing,
With each year that goes past;
The enjoyable times I spend with you
Are really quite a blast!
Happy Anniversary!”

#28. Funny Anniversary Poems
“No running around for work
Looking at files or checking emails
Our day will start and end
With sunglasses and cocktails

Let’s give ourselves a well deserved treat
Let’s relax, unwind, sing and dance
Here’s wishing us a happy anniversary
Raising a toast to our eternal romance.
Happy Anniversary!”

#29. 40th Anniversary Poems
“Dear one. that's what you are to me.
Years ago when we met, I fell in love with you.
Nothing has changed, I love you still. more than ever.
When you're not near me, I feel an emptiness
that I can't seem to fill.
When you are near, I feel complete.
I cherish your love and companionship
and always hope to please you.
I always wish for your happiness,
for I love to see the sparkle in your eyes.
I never imagined that someone could be
as important as you are to me. Please stay near
and love me as I love you.
Happy Anniversary!”

#30. Happy Anniversary Poems
“Ever since the day we met
I knew you were the one for me
Without you, I can’t even imagine
How miserable everything would be

My life’s most beautiful memories are
The ones that I’ve shared with you
Thanks for sticking by through it all
Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do.
Happy Anniversary!”

Wedding Anniversary Poems for Friends

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