A Mothers Day Prayers 2017: Moms Prayer for Daughter & Son

A Mothers Day Prayers 2017: Moms Prayer for Daughter & Son
A Mothers Day Prayers 2017: Moms Prayer for Daughter & Son

Happy Mother's Day 2017 Prayer for Mother's - Moms

#1. Happy Mother's Day Prayers
“God, our mother,
you who nurture and cherish us,
nourish my child with my milk (this food).
Strengthen our love for one another,
from this day forth and forevermore.
#2. A Mother's Prayer for Her Daughter
“Dear God,
Thank you for my mummy.
She looks after me, plays with me,
Listens to me, and makes me laugh.
She works very hard and sometimes she gets tired.
Please give her good sleep.
Help her at work.
Give her happy times,
And lots of hugs and kisses.

#3. A Mothers Prayer for Her Son
“May the Lord who brought us to birth by his Spirit,
strengthen us for the Christian life.
May the Lord who provides for all our needs
sustain us day by day.
May the Lord whose steadfast love is constant as a mother's care,
send us out to live and work for others.
And the blessing of God Almighty.
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
be with you and remain with you always.
#4. Mother Day Prayers Bible Catholic Strength
“I’m so grateful that
God gave me you
as my mother.
Praying for all God’s
blessings for you
today and every day.”

Happy Mother's Day Prayer for Friends - Catholic - Strength

#5. Moms Prayer for Mother's Day 2017
“Lord God we pray for mothers everywhere.
Like Samuel’s mother, may they have wisdom to know how to protect their children
and keep them from harm.
Like Naomi, may they be able to turn hard situations into good.
Like Lois and Eunice , may they be ready to share the love of Christ with their children.
In all that they give to others may they have the joy of knowing that they too are
children, held in the love and care of God.

#6. Short Prayer for My Mom from Child
“Finally, we pray today for mothers around the world;
mothers who cannot feed their children,
mothers who are homeless or without a homeland;
mothers who must teach their children about the dangers of bombs and bullets.
Help us create a world where mothers can raise their children in peace and plenty.
God of mothers, who created mothers, who came as a child and had a mother,
God our Mother, loving us with a sweeter and deeper love than we have ever known,
hear our prayer this day,
#7. Happy Mother's Day Prayer
“I love you, Mom. I love your aliveness,
your joy in living, your understanding,
your giving.
And what I love best of all
is that you love me.
God of all Mothers,
thank you for my mom!”

Prayer for Mother's Day Prayer for Her Daughter & Son

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