A Mothers Day Prayers 2017: Moms Prayer for Daughter & Son

A Mothers Day Prayers 2017: Moms Prayer for Daughter & Son
A Mothers Day Prayers 2017: Moms Prayer for Daughter & Son

Happy Mother's Day Prayers: Moms Prayers for Mother's Day

#8. Happy Mothers Day Prayers
“In this intense nine months, when mothers-to-be are realizing that,
Their life is about to change forever,
Bless them God, because they feel alternately elated and alarmed.
Help each mother-in-waiting to understand that she has been carefully chosen,
By both you and by her baby, to guide it through its early years on planet Earth.
Let her know that she will never be alone in the process.
Help her to remember that her baby is your own perfect creation,
Just as she, herself, is your own perfect creation.
Thank you God, for making each of your creations uniquely perfect in its own way.
#9. A Mothers Prayer for Her Daughter
“Loving God, we give thanks today for mothers!
Thank you for mothers who gave birth to us,
and women who have treated us as their own children.
You teach us how to be good mothers,
cherishing and protecting the children among us.
Help us mother lovingly, fairly, wisely and with great joy.
Help us raise our children to be the people they are born to be.”

#10. A Mothers Prayer for Her Son
“Loving God,
as a mother gives life and nourishment to her children,
so you watch over your Church.
Bless these women,
that they may be strengthened as Christian mothers.
Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.
Grant that we, their sons and daughters,
may honor them always
with a spirit of profound respect.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.
#11. Mother Day Prayers Catholic Strength Bible
“Dear Jesus,
We thank you for all mothers and carers around the world,
and for all they do for their children.
We thank you for their patience when we don’t get things right.
We thank you for their encouragement when we find life hard.
We pray that mums would feel really special today
and that you would remind us every day to show them
as much love and help as they give to us.

Happy Mother's Day Prayer for Friends - Catholic - Strength - Bible

#12. Moms Prayer for Mothers Day 2017
“We need your comfort here today, Lord,
because some are missing mothers, some are missing children,
some are parted by distance or death.
Comfort those who have given up their child for adoption,
or who chose not to give birth, and had an abortion.
Comfort those who longed to be biological mothers, and could not.
We pray for those here whose mothers have disappointed them;
we ask for grace in relationships where there is pain and bitterness,
for healing in relationships where there is abuse and violence.
Help our congregation be a space where people can feel mothered,
their gifts and talents appreciated and nurtured.”

#13. Happy Mothers Day Prayers from Child
“Dear Jesus we thank you for Mothers everywhere
For all who care for us day by day,
Let us not forget that you were a child
And your mother was Mary.
We say thank you for Mums across the world
And in our country too,
Although we may not say it,
We think you are the best.So let us give
Grateful thanks And let our voices be heard
For all the Mums and Grans
On this very special day.
#14. Happy Mothers Day Prayers
“Dear God, We pray that our son will live his life
with concern for the world around him.
With his birth we are reminded
of the possibility for goodness
in a world that is often filled with suffering.
Help us to be a part of the healing
renewing our commitment
to repair the path ahead for his sake
and for the sake of God’s children.

Prayer for Mother's Day Prayer for Her Son & Daughter

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