Memorial Day Prayer 2017: Memorial Prayer USA Holiday Facts

Happy Memorial Day Prayer 2017: Memorial Prayer USA Holiday Facts
Happy Memorial Day Prayer 2017: Memorial Prayer USA Holiday Facts

Happy Memorial Day Prayer 2017

21. “To remember those who have given their all for the values we hold as Americans. To remember those who have returned with wounds so physically and emotionally deep, that they may never be the same as before. Happy Memorial Day Prayer!”

22. “Help us to shape and make a world where we will lay down the arms of war and turn our swords into ploughshares for a harvest of justice and peace. Happy Memorial Day Holiday!”

23. “God of peace, stir in the hearts of the leaders of all nations and in all who would use violence to further their cause. Change their hearts and minds. Give them a passion for peace. Bring an end to the pain, suffering, injustice, and violence in our world. Happy Memorial Day Facts!”

24. “Bless the families of our fallen troops, and fill their homes and their lives with Your strength and peace. In union with people of goodwill of every nation, embolden us to answer the call to work for peace and justice, and thus, seek an end to violence and conflict around the globe. Happy Memorial Day USA!”

25. “Thank you for the freedom we enjoy in this country, for opportunities to flourish, and for the security of our land. Happy Memorial Day 2017!”
26. “They may have lost their lives and all that goes within the years they did not have, but they won the wars by fighting for rights and dignity of the individual. We remember, Father, our freedom and our prosperity today is a product of their victory even in death. Happy Memorial Day Prayer!”

27. “Does focusing on Memorial Day in Sunday worship move us too close to civil religion? Perhaps it would be more appropriate for these observances to remain primarily the domain of government and civic groups, with clergy and people participating in whatever capacity suits those public gatherings. Happy Memorial Day Thank You Prayer!”

28. “We show our thankfulness in prayer This honor you deserve Giving all for freedom's call That we may live without reserve. Happy Memorial Day Prayer Catholic!”

29. “Give wisdom to the leaders of our armed services, that they might know how best to deploy the troops in the cause of freedom. May their efforts be successful, so that true peace with justice might be established in our world. Happy Memorial Day Prayer Poems!”

Memorial Day 2017 Prayer for Peace

30. “Oh God, our Help in Ages Past, on this Memorial Day we must also give homage to You, upon who’s truth and love this nation was founded. Happy Memorial Day 2017!”

31. “All praise be to you, God of grace, God of mercy, God of justice, God of peace! Amen. Happy Memorial Day USA!”

32. “That is what so many have done. They have given their lives for their country, for the freedom and values we hold so dear. Happy Memorial Day Facts!”

33. “Thank you for a day set apart, not just for celebration, but also for solemn remembrance as we consider the sacrifices of so many in our military. Happy Memorial Day Holiday!”

34. “Father, as we remember on this memorial day, help us join with the grief stricken families that live every day with the sorrow their loss has brought. May we who live in freedom bow our heads and grieve for the many that have died in war and out of our grief we urgently pray for peace and the end of war. Happy Memorial Day Prayer!”

35. “Even as we remember those who have given their lives in the past, we also think of those whose lives are on the line today. We think especially of the men and women who are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in other places of conflict and violence. Protect them. Encourage them. Bring them home safely. and soon. Happy Memorial Day!”
36. “A prayer to God to comfort and give strength to those whose loved ones have died serving their country. Beginning with Matthew 5:4 and featuring historical military footage, use this mini movie during your Memorial Day service to pay tribute to those soldiers who have paid the ultimate price. Happy Memorial Day Prayer Greetings!”

37. “O Lord, may we be more aware of just how blessed we are as a nation. May we be more grateful for our blessings, more faithful in stewarding them well, more eager to share them with others. Happy Memorial Day!”

38. “May your kingdom come, Lord, and your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven! Happy Memorial Day Military!”

39. “Comfort those who grieve the loss of their loved ones and let your healing be the hope in our hearts. Happy Memorial Day Soldiers!”
40. “Thank you for those who have given their lives in service to our country, sacrificing in such a costly way for the sake of others, including me. Happy Memorial Day Prayer!”

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Memorial Day Prayer Catholic

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