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Happy Anniversary Messages: for Wife Husband Friends Parents

Happy Anniversary Messages: for Wife Husband Friends Parents
Happy Anniversary Messages: for Wife Husband Friends Parents

Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages for Couples

81. “I still remember that day when, very nervous, I asked you to be my girlfriend, but as soon as you gave me the” yes “, I felt happier than ever and this happiness has become larger as time passes. Happy Anniversary, My Love!”

82. “I am blessed to have you as my husband. You have brought an abundance of joy into my life. Thank you and Happy Anniversary Messages.”

83. “The longer we are together the more I think we rub off on each other. I'm speaking metaphorically, of course. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

84. “I always asked God to let me find my true love and that wish came true when I met you, we are now celebrating our first anniversary and we expect many more years filled with happiness and love. Congratulations, My Dear! Happy Anniversary!”

85. “I'm still trying to figure out all the wonderful mysteries of your beauty. Each year I discover more to love that I thought was possible. Happy Marriage Anniversary!”
86. “Happy Anniversary, my love! Since joining our lives to be together at all times, things have not been easy, but we are now beginning to enjoy the fruits of all our efforts. I love you more than ever. Happy Marriage Anniversary Messages!”

87. “The time we've had together has been amazing.  I can't believe it has been another year.  I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages!”

88. “I remember, as if it were yesterday, the time in which you beat your fears to ask me to become your girlfriend and since then everything has been happiness and love in our lives. My darling, I love you and I thank you for these unforgettable twelve months of relationship. Congratulations! Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

89. “Living with you has been an adventure that I've enjoyed. Your companionship makes the ride fun even when there are surprises. Happy Marriage Anniversary!”
90. “Through the ups and downs, our love still managed to grow, and I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow. Happy Anniversary Messages!”

Happy Marriage Anniversary Messages for Friends & Couples

91. “The time I've had with you is my most precious gift. This day reminds me how blessed I am to have you. Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages!”

92. “If I was given the option of doing it all over again with you, I would do it in a heartbeat. Happy Marriage Anniversary Messages!”

93. “I only get to tell you 'Happy Anniversary' once a year, but I get to kiss you every day. That's the best part of being married to you. Happy Marriage Anniversary!”

94. “The one thing that has changed throughout all these years is that my love for you is even greater than when you first became my husband. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

95. “I'm excited that we get to hang out on our anniversary. You are the person with whom I want to spend every day. Happy Anniversary Messages!”
96. “I knew we'd be one of the couples who make it. We have tenacity and loyalty. And at this point it is more difficult to imagine being away from you than with you. Happy Anniversary Messages!”

97. “Being with you is one of my favorite things to do, let's spend some quality time with each other on our anniversary today. Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

98. “The longer we are together, the longer I feel like we could never be separated. I am grateful that I have had you in my life as long as I have, and I am looking forward to many more wonderful years with you. Happy Marriage Anniversary!”

99. “When I try to imagine the perfect husband for me, the only picture that pops into my head is you. Happy Anniversary!”
100. “Each anniversary is a chance for us to celebrate the time that we have been blessed to have together. Happy Anniversary Messages!”

Happy Wedding Anniversary Messages for Couples & Parents

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